Personal Experience: Watching The Steve Wilkos Show

Steve Wilkos is a former member of the United States Marine Corps and a former member of the Chicago Police Department, but he is best known for hosting his self-titled talk show, known as The Steve Wilkos Show, since the year 2007. On this show, a variety of topics are addressed that pertain to domestic violence, adultery and sexual violence, paternity, cheating and relationships, child abuse and neglect, and teenage pregnancy. For paternity cases and some teen pregnancy cases, DNA tests are given to see if the male guest believed to be the father is actually the father , but when the guests on his show are accused of all other situations, polygraph expert Dan Ribacoff gives them a polygraph test (lie-detector test) to see if they are lying or telling the truth. Some guests who are guilty tend to request to take the test multiple times to ensure accuracy, but Ribacroff has stated multiple times on the show that the test is 99.4% accurate and the same test is used in the CIA and the FBI, therefore, it makes no sense to take it more than once because you will always (or at the very least, you will very very likely) receive the same results. If people fail their polygraph test (lie), Steve is infuriated and tells them, “Get the hell off of my stage!”

I have a lot of respect for Steve Wilkos. I think that what he does on his show is a great way to expose people who have committed serious crimes under the radar. He serves justice in his own way by showing his audience and his guests that lying to save your own butt can only get you so far, if at all. He serves justice in his own particular way. I know for a fact that if more people in the world were like him, and if more crimes were brought out like this, then the world would be a better place.


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