Personal Experience: Thinking In-Depth About A Vine Video

For those of you who don’t know what Vine is, it is a relatively new social media website that allows you to post videos up to six seconds long. But sometimes, six seconds is all you need to make people laugh, or convey a message. I came across a vine video that was intended to be funny, which it was, but after studying Sherry Turkle’s TED Talk video in my English 101 class, I decided to think more about this particular video. It basically did the same thing as Sherry Turkle did, but only in six seconds. It had to deal with parties that occurred then, which was portrayed as people dancing to loud music; and parties that occur now, which was portrayed as that same group of people playing that loud music, but of course, they’re just standing there on their phones.

As I previously mentioned, I chose to think more about this particular video after studying Sherry Turkle’s TED Talk video in class, since these videos are very comparable despite that one is twenty minutes long and the other is only six seconds long. Both videos suggest that people nowadays are more interested in their phones and social media than getting to further know and interact with their peers around them. Although I will admit to using social media a little more than I should be, I think the most social thing you can do is actually speak to other people. Ya know, use verbal communication and actual words from the English dictionary, as opposed to texting and facebook messaging with abbreviations, stupid emojis, and all that stuff. I believe that if more people would use their phones less, the more they would more easily cherish face-to-face conversations with other people, and be more inclined to have them.


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